”I make music …

”I make music for the ears, not for the eyes”


I read this interesting biography of Adele this week. I never have been a huge fan of Adele although let’s face the reality, her voice is simply incredible and the talent that she has is unique. By reading the book, I learned a lot about this singer and for the people who adore her, I suggest you to take a look of ”Adele, a celebration of an icon and her music” by Sarah-Louise James. It won’t reveal you all her private life and love stories but will certainly describe her passion for her career and define what was on her mind when she composed her biggest hits such as ”Chasing pavements” and ”Someone like you”. Really, it is worth to read it!


Fresh start First blog

Believe it or not, I never ever had a blog in my entire life…..Well almost, as I openned a Blogger account on Google 4-5 years ago…But what a 14 year old teenager was supposed to do with that? I mean, besides that everybody were posting tons of pics of chiks on front of a miror on Piczo back in High school, what do young kids can share witht the world besides their 500000000000 X 10 friends on Facebook and  their emotionnal feelings? Well, anyway that is to say that I was one of those not so long ago…sadly! But hey, we all grow up after all it’s part of life. Then, there was my famous wishlist before hitting 2013. I know…lame but what? Who doesn’t follow any resolutions for the new year? Me until I’ve decided that I was about to sort out a sheet of paper and a black pen that I actually hide in my napron whenever I work at the restaurant. I was like ”Perhaps I should make myself some resolutions for 2013? Nah, this is way too cheesy and besides, I won’t respect any of them!” But surprisingly, I have made a pretty good start as I already have done a few…

1- Send an e-mail to a friend that I haven’t spoke for a while because we didn’t end up on a good term (check)

2-Go see a gig of one of your favorite rock bands! (check)

Ok it’s not Black Veil Brides but stil….Ahhhh my very first show ever! It was about time!

3- Create a real blog (check)

4- Have a tattoo

5- Make cupcakes , just a way to improve my cooking skills?

6-Enter in some ”mushpit”

7- Kiss a girl?

And so on…Ok number 7…I was joking as I didn’t finish my list of resolutions. Indeed, it is a lot of work to do, trying to find some challenge to do in this life. After all we only live once, non?

I am late but…HAPPY NEW YEAR folks! Because I didn’t get to have my new year eve’s kiss and to drink cheap champagne (as at my age, you cannot allow yourself for some luxury) I decide that today, the 9th of January, it is my very first day. The subtitle reveals what am I expecting for this year…Fun Fun & Fun! And I promise, I will make it fun for you as well! Just watch me 2013, iShake this world!Image